Time has a way of getting away from you(or vice versa)

When I started this site, I thought I would become a disciplined blogger, posting interesting content three to four times a week. C’mon, having something to say that might be interesting to others and taking only a few minutes to jot it down in a post is a piece of cake, right?

For others, yes. Me? Not so much.

There are a few thing I did not take into account that are important in doing anything worth doing right.

  1. Answer the “why” question – Is it personal, or do you have another cause in mind?
  2. “What” do you want to say – have you decided what you’re going to say?
  3. “Who” are you writing this to – Is it a vanity thing or do you have something to say to other people that you believe is important.
  4. “Where” are you writing this – Do you have a point of view that you want readers to see ?
  5. “How” often – Do you want to post every day, a couple of times a week, or just once?

I’m starting to answer these questions for this blog. There is something that I believe I can offer to the discussion of this thing called life. Finding that voice will be part of the journey (to refer to the first post) over the next several posts.

Of course, the “800 pound gorilla” that is in the room and needs to be discussed is discipline.

That will be next time.

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